SDGRS Committees

Being an SDGRS volunteer is an essential part of our club’s success. It’s a great way to learn skills and socialize with members.

Some of our larger events need your support:

  • The Del Mar Fair Display Committee which starts planning in October for the June Fair.
  • The Election Committee which informs the membership of nominees and conducts the elections.
  • The Annual Meeting Committee which has the largest turnout and is associated with the annual picnic and auction.
  • The Membership Committee which handles the membership portion of SDGRS.
  • The West Coast Regional Meet Committee which focuses on hosting the 2024 multi-day event in San Diego, showcasing informal clinics, self guided layout tours and other fun activities.

Volunteers can also write articles for the newsletter, present a clinic or invite members to their open house.

Any help offered is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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